What is a parking heater, and how about the purpose?

May 12th, 2021

The parking heater is an on-board heating device independent of the vehicle engine, with its own fuel pipeline,

circuit, combustion heating device and control device. It is not necessary to start the engine to preheat the engine and cab of the car parked in the low temperature and cold environment in winter. Completely eliminate the cold start wear of the car.

Parking water heater


1. Start the engine of various vehicles at low temperature.

2. Provide heat source for windshield defrosting and interior heating

2、 Function:

Heat the circulating medium of automobile engine - antifreeze, which directly transfers the heat to the radiator and defroster in the vehicle, and provides heat source for the low-temperature start of the engine and the heating in the vehicle.

3、 Installation

It is connected with the circulating system of the engine.

Parking air heater

1、 Purpose:

1. Warm the cab of construction vehicles and heavy trucks. 2. Defrost the windshield.

2、 Function:

Heat the air circulation medium, transfer the heat directly to the interior of the car, and provide heat source for windshield defrosting and interior heating.

3、 Installation

The independent installation will form a circulating system between the inlet and outlet air and the cab.


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