What is a throttle valve?

November 13th, 2020

What is a throttle valve?

The throttle valve is a controllable valve that controls the air entering the engine. After entering the intake pipe, the gas will be mixed with gasoline to become a combustible mixture, thus burning to form work. 

It is connected with the air filter on the top and the engine block on the bottom, which is called the throat of the automobile engine. Whether the car accelerates flexibly has a lot to do with the dirt on the throttle. 

Clean throttle can reduce fuel consumption and make the engine flexible and energetic. 

And whether the throttle valve should be removed for cleaning is also the focus of discussion among car owners.

Throttle valve fault symptoms:

1. The engine cannot be started or the idle speed shakes, the operation is unstable, and the speed is unstable

2. The engine speed is constant and cannot be controlled, and the fault indicator light is on

3. Vehicle acceleration is obviously slow

4. Exhaust pipe makes abnormal noise


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