What is Water Pump?

July 6th, 2022

1.What is Water Pump?

The water pump is an important component of the car/truck cooling system.

Its main purpose is to transport coolant and allow it to enter the corresponding water channels of the engine. Through cyclic activities, the exchange of coolant is achieved, and a large amount of thermal energy generated during the operation of the car engine is absorbed through cyclic flow, thereby reducing the temperature of the entire operating system of the car engine and achieving normal engine operation.

2.How does the water pump work?

The water pump of a car is a belt driven pump, and its power comes from the crankshaft of the engine. The water pump is designed as a centrifuge, which draws coolant from the radiator through the central inlet of the pump. Then it circulates the coolant outward into the engine and returns it to the car's cooling system.

In most vehicles, the engine turns the belt of the water pump, thereby rotating the shaft of the water pump.

The shaft is connected to a series of blades, and the blades also rotate with the shaft.Rotating motion generates suction and draws water out of the radiator.When water reaches the pump, centrifugal force throws it towards the outer wall of the pump and flows through the drainage pipe to the engine block. The water flows through the cylinder head and back to the radiator, and the process begins again.

3.Classification of water pumps

(1)Mechanical water pump: 

The coolant absorbs heat from the engine block and cylinder head and releases it into the ambient air through the radiator.

According to the type of structure, the mechanical water pump can be installed inside the pump casing outside the engine or directly on the engine cylinder block.

Usually, mechanical water pumps are driven by V-belts, timing belts, or directly by the engine.

(2)Variable displacement water pumps: 

The main feature of variable displacement water pumps is that they allow flow to be changed according to the needs of the engine, which is achieved through a vacuum process.

The water pump only functions on the cooling system when necessary. In this way, it helps to improve the efficiency of the engine, thereby reducing fuel consumption,

This significantly reduces the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

(3) Electric water pump:

 Electric water pumps help reduce emissions from modern engines.

The supply flow independent of the motor speed can be cooled as needed.

This reduces the required power, thereby reducing friction loss, fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions.

(4)Auxiliary water pump: 

The main function is to assist the main water pump. However, the auxiliary water pump places more emphasis on comfort as it is located in the bypass hose of the main cooling system,

And drive the coolant to the heater inside the car.

Depending on the complexity of the cooling system, some vehicles may have more than one auxiliary pump.

These auxiliary water pumps are also used in hybrid and electric vehicles to deliver coolant to various corners of the system, as are the batteries and electric motors.

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