Operating conditions of Nox sensors

April 12th, 2022

NOx sensor type:

Four pin interface nitrogen oxygen sensor
Five pin interface nitrogen oxygen sensor
Six pin nitrogen oxygen sensor

Operating conditions of Nox sensors

When the ignition switch is turned on, the NOx sensor will heat up to 100 ℃

2. Afterwards, wait for the ECM to send a temperature signal, and the DOC temperature of the front NOX sensor is 180 ℃

Rear NOx sensor SCR post temperature 200 ℃

3. After receiving the temperature signal from the ECM, the sensor will heat itself to a certain temperature (600-800 ℃)


Attention: If the sensor head comes into contact with water at this time, it will cause damage to the sensor

4. After heating to the working temperature, the sensor starts self checking operation

After passing the self check, the sensor sends the nitrogen oxide value to the CAN bus, and the engine ECM monitors the emissions of nitrogen oxides through this information


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