Knowledge of parking air conditioning

May 3rd, 2022

1.   What is parking air conditioner?

The parking air conditioner is a kind of in-car air conditioner.    It refers to the equipment that uses the on-board battery DC power supply (12V/24V) to make the air conditioner run continuously when parking and waiting and resting, and to adjust and control the temperature, humidity, flow rate and other parameters of the ambient air in the car, so as to fully meet the comfort cooling needs of the truck driver .

2.   What is the classification of truck air conditioners?

The truck air conditioner is divided into two types : Rooftop Air Conditioner and split type model.

12v and 24v both available, very easy to install.

This is the most popular truck parking air conditioner on the market.

3.   What does a truck air conditioner include?

The entire air conditioner is integrated, with compressors, condensers, blowers and other accessories inside.

One year warranty and three years warranty for compressor.



4.  The advantages of truck air conditioning?

 (1)Parking air conditioning is an air conditioning system that can also rely on batteries when parking.  Parking air conditioning does not rely on vehicle engine power, which can greatly save fuel and environmental pollution.

(2)Fast cooling with a rated cooling capacity of 3000W. Good quality and guaranteed


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