The birth of "D&E Sunshine" Class

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"D&E Sunshine" class was created by Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Trade and D&E Enterprise Co,.Limited.

Targeted training of talents for enterprises, focusing on the practicality and effectiveness of talents.School-enterprise cooperation is a "win-win" model that focuses on training quality,
school learning and business practice, and resource and information sharing between schools and enterprises.School-enterprise cooperation has achieved a new concept ofmeeting the needs of society,
connecting with the market, cooperating with enterprises, and combining practice and theory, bringing spring to the development of the education industry.


Titled class composed of 2021 business English majors -- "D&E Sunshine" class was established on December 3, 2021

School-enterprise cooperation meets the needs of society and the market. School-enterprise cooperation, the school trains talents in a targeted manner through corporate feedback and needs,
combines market orientation, and focuses on students' practical skills, so as to better cultivate talents needed by society. 
School-enterprise cooperation is a "win-win" model.
School-enterprise cooperation can share information and resources between the school and the enterprise. The school uses the equipment provided by the enterprise.
The enterprise does not have to worry about the problem of space for cultivating talents. It realizes the organic combination of what students learn at school and the practice of the enterprise.
It is a "win-win" model to realize the complementary advantages of technology and save the cost of education and enterprises.


In the future, China's economic situation is good, but the market urgently needs professional and skilled talents; at the same time, the reform of the education system is imminent and is put on the agenda,
and traditional education is destined to be reformed. The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from the strong support of the school, and the growth of the enterprise will also feed back the development
of the school. School-enterprise cooperation not only improves the intensity of education and training of talents, but also facilitates the development and growth of enterprises. This "win-win" model is destined to develop and grow in China.

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