How To Judge Whether The Air Parking Heater Has Failed?

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1. The air heater in the car has several ventilation holes in the window. It sends the heated hot air into the car through the air outlet. Turn on the heater and face the air outlet with your hand. If you can feel the air and it is hot, it means that the air heater is working normally.
2. Turn off the radio or other devices, stop the car in a quiet place and listen to the sound of your heater asking the fan to rotate. If you don't hear the sound of the fan rotating or the air flowing, it means your fan is broken and the heater may be broken. If you can feel the hot air at the vent, but the hot air is not blown out, it means that the motor of your air heater is broken.
3. If you can feel the air moving or hear the fan spinning, it means your fan is good. But if the air is not hot, it may be that the air heater is broken, which requires the heater to be replaced.
4. If you do n’t hear the fan rotating or you ca n’t feel the air flow, there is no heat, which means that the entire air heater can be broken. You need to check the fuse box and replace any burned fuses.

Precautions for parking heater:
1. Before using the heater, the pipeline valve must be opened to ensure that the liquid in the pipeline can be circulated. At the same time, it must be filled with antifreeze, otherwise the dry grinding of the pump will generate high temperature, which will cause damage to the water seal components.
2. The cooling medium filled in the circulation system must be antifreeze to meet the environmental temperature requirements of the vehicle and prevent radiator corrosion and scale formation.

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