Why Do Parking Heaters Not Ignite And Common Failures

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Generally, according to the medium,the parking heater is divided into two types : 
Water heater and air heater. 
According to the type of fuel, it is divided into two types: 
Gasoline heater and diesel heater.

Common failure analysis of parking heater:

1. If the indicator is flashing, you can check the flashing frequency and compare the fault flash code table to determine the fault location. If the indicator is always on, the control circuit may be damaged or the ground wire may not be connected. Repair or replace the corresponding parts.

2. The ignition plug is damaged. Use a multimeter to check the resistance value between the two leads of the ignition plug. The resistance value should be between 0.6-1.2 ohms. If it is not within this range, the ignition plug needs to be replaced.
3. The heater is overheated, the radiator and defroster are not hot, there may be foreign objects blocked in the circulation pipeline; the hose is bent; the pump is faulty; there is gas in the circulation water circuit; the inlet and return valves are not opened, the engine The thermostat opened too early, etc., find out the reason and carry out corresponding maintenance.

The reason why the parking heater does not ignite may be that there is no fuel in the fuel tank, just check whether the fuel is sufficient and add it in time. Or it may be that the oil pipe is clogged and damaged. It is necessary to check whether the oil pipe contains foreign objects and whether there is any looseness at each connection. Replace parts or clean up in time.

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