What is a car refrigerator ?

April 10th, 2024

一、 What is a car refrigerator?

A car refrigerator refers to a refrigerated cabinet carried in a car. It is a new generation of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment that has become popular in the  market in recent years. Compared to traditional refrigerators, car refrigerators are commonly used for self driving trips and outdoor camping.

二.  How many types of car refrigerators are there?

There are two common types of car refrigerators on the current market, namely: semiconductor car refrigerators and compressor car refrigerators.

三.Advantages for 12 Volt Built In Car Campers RV car refrigerator Compressor fridge
1 LG compressor or Chinese brand compressor with different price for your selection
2 High Cooling Performance 45 Watts Compressor Reaches -4°F(-20°C)
3 Lightweight & small size
4 Quiet with little noise less than 38db
5 LCD display control panel 
6. Inner LED light 


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