Welcome the leaders of Licang District Government to visit D&E Group !

December 7th, 2023

Welcome Wang Zhen, the Deputy District Mayor of Licang District Governmen in Qingdao, to visiting and communion the work of D&E Group Limited. 

During the meeting, We open up an in-depth conversation with Wang Zhen, the Deputy District Mayor of Licang District,and our boos Mr. Duan,the founder and Managing Director of D&E, 

who has introduced our company and corporate culture; we discussed together the future trends of foreign trade and how to achieve deeper cooperation with the government, making further 

contributions to the development of Licang District,Qingdao.

The Deputy District Mayor of Wang Zhen,who highly agrees with D&E’s development philosophy and culture, we analyzed the development challenges in Licang District and discussed how D&E can promote its development in the future, to providing better support for each other,to helping Licang District and make D&E bigger and stronger.


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